DS Visual Novel Reader is a visual novel reader for Nintendo DS.


* Fixed a memory leak and a wild pointer in png loader.
* Prints an error instead of crashing if an image is corrupted.
* Large parts of the program have been rewritten, it’s now much more stable.
* Decreased png loading time by 10-25%
* ZIP file entries are cached to decrease novel load times.
* Scans ahead to preload the next image.
* Uses a modified version of libfat to decrease seek-times in large files.
* Crossfades between bgload/setimg commands.
* Added user-changeable settings: fontsize/textspeed/volume (music & sound)
* Program is skinnable, change the current skin via config.ini
* Novels can contain partial skins that override the user’s skin.
* touching screen advances text
* smoother load/save image animation
* touchpad scrolling downwards improved

Thanks to http://www.ds-scene.net for the news.