Stravingo has updated his weather forecast application for the NDS.


– Bugfix: pressing Y for help made the program freeze. It is now corrected.
– Updating data with button X was no longer necessary as data is automatically downloaded when switching for the first time between names/icons/temperatures with button A. So, this function has been disabled.
– Button X is now used to switch between metric units and english units. Yes, you american people (and others), you can now have temperatures in Fahrenheit, distances in miles, speeds in mph, etc.
– To accentuate the look of a weather channel, scrolling news headlines are displayed at the bottom of the lower screen. These headlines are live RSS streams coming from various sources:,,,, etc. A total of 10 RSS streams are available, but other will be added. You can switch RSS streams by pressing with the stylus on the scrolling headlines.