n00bey has released the final version of DSBash which is an online website reader for Bash.org , QDB.us and German-Bash.org. This new version lets you listen to MP3’s in the background.


After over 18 month, this is the final version of DSBash and I dont think there every will be any new features added, because it now suports everything I wanted

– bash.org , qdb.us and german-bash.org can be browsed
– skinable
– [new] MP3-Playback (it is no media played and Im not god, sometimes it’s a bit chompy )
– [new] You can scroll the page
– [new] Everything can be configured on your DS now – no more .ini
– Customizable buttonmap
– [new] When you are reading quotes online, they are saved on your card and you can open them when you dont have internet-access.
– [new] Some loading animation, which is generated random everytime you start DSBash