n00bey has released a new version of DSBash which is an online website reader for Bash.org , QDB.us and German-Bash.org. This new version lets you listen to MP3’s in the background.


– PALib isn’t included anymore. I just cut out the Text-Print function and optimized it a bit. It was kinda idiotic to include to whole PALib just for ONE text-function.
– The download function now works for all pages again…
– Now there is a loading screen that shows some plasma effect. Just a freezed screen on clicking something seemed so unhandy… You never knew if the DS is doing something.
– The code got reorganized. When I started the application it was a small 500 lines .c file. Then it got bigger and I started to include .c files directly (I was a coding-noob ;P ). But now compiling takes ages and I decided to make multiple .c files only including headers.
– DSBash now searches for MP3 files on your card and plays them randomly. In the configuration ini you can change the music-folder path and set if you want it to scan recursively or not.

Thanks to brakken / http://www.tehskeen.com for the news.