DSbible is a Bible-reading application for Nintendo DS by Jeremysr.


– Fixed all the flickering
– Scrolling can be done by dragging the stylus on the text (like Moonshell)
– DSbible now has a logo/icon/titlescreen (Thanks Josiah for creating it!)
– World English Bible translation included, which has paragraph breaks and footnotes
– Footnotes and verse numbers appear in orange text (footnotes appear inline with the text)
– “Back” and “Cancel” buttons implemented all over the program
– Fixed a bug that caused the program to freeze while starting up for some people (Thanks Sebastiaan Leenders for reporting this and helping me fix it!)
– “Louis Second 1910” French translation included, and DSbible itself has been translated to French (Thanks JMS for doing both these things!)
– Loading a book is almost instantaneous
– Holding the stylus on a button in the text viewer for half a second will display a popup describing what that button does
– Bible translations and translations of DSbible can be added and removed easily by adding files or removing the files in the ‘translations’ and ‘lang’ directories.
– Bookmarked verses and search terms in the text are now highlighted
– Many minor fixes and graphics improvements have been made