News from the DSBrowser author:

Sorry for the lack of news guys but I’ve been working on a pretty major update to DSBrowser when I lost all my projects source. I’m working on recovering the “uninstalled” files but it’s not looking good. I can release my last build as a preview. It’s full of bugs but if you’ll like to try it let me know.

Chishm: Thanks to the help of wolped on the NeoForums, I’ve found out with more testing that fatLoadExtraInterface works just as intended. The problem is my hardware isn’t compatible for some unknown reason. Do you know what may be causing the problem? I’m developing using a EZ-V in Slot-1 and a EZIV Deluxe (32MB RAM) in Slot-2.

I planned on releasing two versions on my next release. One that uses a secondary DLDI from FAT and the other that uses DLDS if the first version doesn’t work.