JSR released a test version of his Voice over IP client.


As it seems difficult for people to share their voip account, he decided to code a little app out of his windows version of DSiP to report the compatibility with various VOIP Servers. There is a configuration file (dsip-config.cfg) where you write 4 parameters about your SIP Account. Here is an exemple (this is not a working account):


Then launch the program and when prompted, enter the telephone number of the phone you want to call.

Please report what the program print on screen in the comments of this post. If you don’t pass the “2 – Registered” stage, think twice (and even more) before reporting something. Also, if you can report what is your LAN (behind a router,firewall or not…), it would help me also. Please note that this version rely on DNS Resolving so it doesn’t work with IP Address (for the moment).

Thanks to http://www.drunkencoders.com for the news.