News from Spinal…


Just thought I’d let you guy’s know, I’m remaking DSision. I do not intend this to be direct competition to Soulanger’s project but he has inspired me to look back at DSision and remake it, adding a couple of features I left out of the original. This time, my main intention is to keep it compatible with R4DS, as the previous version does not work on it. I have also a couple of ideas for improvements of some of the features and ideas for now ones.

Currently, the project is little more than a file list on the screen, so there isn’t much to show. The end result however, will be similar in style to the original DSision, very intuitive and easy on the eyes. I will also like to keep it as skinnable as possible, so I hope people take advantage of that.

Any ideas are welcome, but don’t expect too much, I am still just a learner coder like you guys.