DsKiosk is a small application that allows you to run your homebrew programs more easily, and above all, with much more class. The more your collection grows, it becomes more difficult to find your programs scattered all over your SDCard: Between programs that must start from the root, others that require a particular subdirectory, not your organization Personal …

In short, if you dream of having all your homebrew in front quickly, with an interface to fade MoonShell your jealousy, then DsKiosk is for you!


A major step was taken, DsKiosk now also works on the R4 card (thank you Michael ‘Fenrir’ and all testers for their invaluable assistance). The ZIP file now contains two different executable: dskiosk.nds and dskiosk-r4.nds. Use this if your linker is an R4 or similar, or if dskiosk.nds refuses to run.

Thanks to www.tehskeen.com for the news.