After three alpha releases, here comes the stable 2.7 version. DSOrganize is a tiny organizer application to be used with your Nintendo DS.

The source code has been released as well.


For those who had alpha 3, this is what changed on the browser:

– Added link color changing when you click or if it’s visited.
– Added very simple utf-8 support for some sites (no extended codepages).
– Added anchors.
– Made links more sensitive to clicking.
– Added forms support.
– Fixed & problem in some URLs.
– Fixed non breaking spaces ( ,  ) showing up as ‘?’.
– Fixed bullets and dashes on wikipedia for all fonts.
– Fixed html rendering for sites with bad tables.

Just a reminder…What works:
– Normal HTML rendering
– Clicking links
– Server redirects
– Forward/Back history
– Basic caching
– Forms

What doesn’t:
– Cookies
– Images
– Meta Tags
– Javascript and CSS