DSOrganize is meant as a homebrew organizer application for the Nintendo DS that should have come built in in the first place. It is by no means comparible to a full-fledged organizer such as a palm, and it is not planned to become an operating system, video player, or anything similar.


Added support for attachment style downloads (usually download.php style).
Added deflate and gzip encoding support to web browser.
Added letter view mode to the picture viewer.
Added optional click noise to keyboards.
Added many more special character tags like è etc to web browser.
Changed large font to Arial 13 from Century 16 to be more consistent.
Fixed download filenames being badly named when longer filenames were downloaded beforehand.
Fixed “Removing invalid lfn entry” error in FAT after deleting a file.
Fixed “Invalid file size on entry” error in FAT after creating a new empty file.
Fixed “Errors in . and/or .. corrected” error in FAT after creating new directory in root.
Fixed files randomly not being created and “directories after end” error in FAT.
Fixed seek bar not updating while paused.
Fixed text boxes getting the generic text color instead of the textbox text color.
Removed plugin architecture and resources file. Were causing too much trouble with no real benefit.