DSwiki is an offline viewer for Wiki markup, for example for the Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Wiktionaries, …


– DSwiki has a very, very cool title screen, designed by my beloved wife. You can find other works of her an her website http://www.stefanie-gronau.de , which is very much worth a visit.
– The filesize grew a little, because fonts for all combination (normal/bold/italic/bold-italic) are integrated in the EFS in the binary. I don’t use them, except for the titlebar, but they are already there, sleeping until a future version needs them.
– The search mask was improved, in graphic and usability. Realtime searching can be disabled, allowing faster searches on the english version of the wikipedia (suggested by C. in private communication).
– Filenames of dumps are case insensitive now. I think that will remove a lot of these annoying ‘No wikis found’ messages (found with very good help from GreenShadow)
– Much more unicode rules for upper/lowercasing and replacing diacritical characters were added. You will need dumps that were compiled with at least version 1.0.2 of the indexer (released a day ago), to have the best possible index sorting, but DSwiki will always be backward compatible, so you can continue using your older dumps.
– The previous point also applies to other languages or written scripts than the latin alphabet, such as greek or cyrillic. Wikis in these scripts seem to work very good (as far as I can tell, because I can’t read anything that was written there 😉 ).
– Wikibooks with relative links and subpages are supported now.
– The keyboard was improved, and these changes were backported into the PAlib-SVN-trunk, so other users will benefit from that too, sooner or later.
– and many smaller or bigger bugfixes