DSx86 is a PC emulator for Nintendo DS. It’s purpose is to allow you to run old DOS games on your Nintendo DS game console.

Release notes:

Feb 3rd, 2010 – Unscheduled version 0.04 release
Last weekend, actually about an hour after I wrote the blog post below, my development PC started acting up. All the programs crashed one after another, until I got a blue screen. When I tried to reboot, it wouldn’t start at all. I removed the extra SSD RAID pair I had in it, and then it booted, but again got a blue screen after a little while.

I ordered parts for a new PC (as this one is about 5 years old already) as these symptoms have not improved since. This is also why I decided to release the 0.04 version today ahead of schedule, in case this PC stops working completely.

The new version has the changes mentioned on the previous blog post, but they are not very well tested due to my PC problems. I hope this version works better than 0.03, though.

Discussion: http://forum.gbadev.org/viewtopic.php?t=16956