DSx86 is a PC/DOS emulator for Nintendo DS written by Patrick Aalto. It’s purpose is to allow you to run old DOS games on your Nintendo DS game console. Some of the older games run quite good and bring back memories.


– Opcode ADC used ARM adc instead of add in address calculations. Fixed.
– BCD opcodes (DAA, DAS, etc) did not work correctly. Fixed.
– Oveflow flag handling fixed in ADC and SBB opcodes.
– Fixed flags handling in opcodes REPNE CMPSB and REPNE SCASB when CX == 0.
– Fixed [bp+di+disp8] address calculation in several protected mode opcodes.
– Opcodes LIDT and LGDT did not clear the highest byte of 32-bit base address.
– Opcodes LAR and LSL did not handle selector type 0 correctly.
– Fixed pushing EGA memory value to stack in Lords of Doom.
– Fixed mouse scaling in proportional font 80×25 text mode.