Grizzly Adams has released a third beta of DualChannel.

Notes from the author:

You’ll need 80×48 pcx icons for all your applications, some samples are included. Applications are looked for in the Apps and Applications folders of your card if present. Upto 60 files can currently be indexed by this menu. This is due to the fact all the icons are loaded at boot.

Many features are still not implemented. A default skin is included, feel free to make your own skins. The loader has a early dldi patching function that tries to find a dldi patch matching the card the file is on. If this doesn’t work try any alt versions of dldi patches for your card or removing all the dldi patches from the folder. The dldi patch filename must match the 4 letter cardid (SCSD SCCF NMMC NJDS R4DS…) if it is to be found.