ant512 comes up with a remake of “Earth Shaker“, a “Boulder Dash” like game, originally released on ZX Spectrum in 1990. It’s not yet complete, but looks very promising already and the first few levels are playable.


– Letters scrolling into view on title screen scroller draw correctly.
– Increased duration of each block’s appearance in the title screen slideshow.
– Select button cycles through levels in level select.
– Up/down buttons wrap around when cycling through levels in level select.
– Start button can be used to select levels on title screen.
– Start button pauses the game.
– Added the majority of sound effects.
– Added music to title screen.
– Score and life counters get reset when a new game is started.
– Fixed bitmap recolouring when starting a new level.
– Remaining time scoring at end of level is more accurate.
– Player death graphic shown when player runs out of time.
– Barriers take away more time when pushed.
– Fixed gravity direction indicator.
– Blocks land correctly when they hit the bottom of the level.
– Finished level 8.