Richard Quirk aka Quirky is currently working on a port of “Elite AGB” to the Nintendo DS.

Here are his notes from today:

So I’ve started working on Elite DS. First thing I did was to compile my old GBA code with the latest devkitArm r21. No problems there, fixed a buffer overflow and now it runs fine… on VBA.

My homebrew hardware for the GBA has gone the way of the dodo.

Well, not quite, but my new laptop doesn’t seem to have a parallel port! It has a plastic blob in the shape of a parallel port, but there’s no way to pry the thing off – luckily they’ve remembered to etch the universal symbol for “printer” above it, to mock me. This makes the F2A linker thingy rather useless. One more reason to port all my GBA projects over to the DS, eh readers?