News from Eponasoft:

Since no one seems to be able to understand Moonshell’s pasta-code enough to put together a working DPG playback library (seriously, that source tree is a mess!). My offering is EMC, the Eponasoft Multimedia Codec. It is still a working prototype, but it is mostly functional.

This zip file contains a demo application that uses the format, and a conversion tool to make EMC files. Both contain complete source code, the demo application is coded in straight C and requires PAlib, the conversion utility is coded in Visual Basic 6 with Service Pack 6 applied. It is released under a BSD-like license, the license details are included. Note that the conversion tool is basically a complex frontend for several other tools, which can be obtained from the URLs listed in the documentation.

There is a minor timing problem with the format, and I’m not yet sure if it’s in the sampling size or somewhere in the demo code. Any assistance in hunting down this glitch is greatly appreciated.

PLEASE read the documentation before using, as it covers a great deal of information. I spent quite a long time writing it and tried to cover everything. If there’s something not covered by the documentation though, feel free to bug me.