Etch is a paint app mainly focused towards pixel art with loads of features which surpass many other paint apps currently released for the DS.

More information:

Current Features Supported:
-Creation and Saving of 24,16 and 8 bit bitmaps
-Creation and Saving of Etch Project File (epf) formats (24,16 and 8 bit)
-creation and saving of images up to 1280×1024 (without external ram)
-partial layer support
-external ram and ram overclocking support (ez flash, supercard, etc..) for up to 32 mb memory use
-customizable options, controls and program colors via ini file
-zooming with configurable grids
-ttf font support in keyboard menu with Anti-Aliasing
-dynamic tool bar
-mini view on top screen
-standard tools (pencil, bucket, eraser, line and shape tools, color picker)
-editable 8bit color palette when in 8bit mode
-full file browser which can delete and compress files

Not finished or working Features
-R button is not customizable, it is reserved for Debug
-keyboard menu is incomplete
-need to optimize font rendering in kb menu
-selector tools
-Layer drawing is still basic, more time is needed to add the advanced features of layer drawing (alpha blending handling is missing so although you’re drawing below a layer with alpha it won’t show up)
-needs basic menu for creating new images etc…

Known Bugs:
-There are some issues undoing the fill tool
-possibly a few others,6294.0.html