Explosive Gas has been updated.


* Updated to devkitPro r20. This seems to have once again fixed some random crashes in the network game. I think I was compiling with an old version of the wifilib for v0.5.
* Added sounds for the bean can pickup and farting. Thanks Mike.
* Local Multiplayer! 2 players on a single DS! I didn’t have enough buttons for this, so hit your half of the touch screen to release gas(once you’ve eaten some beans).
* Rewrote chunks of the multiplayer code to allow for multiple players from each machine. Also allowed for servers with zero players, sort of a dedicated host with graphics/sound still eating cpu time.
* Increased the packet frequency, this should make for a smoother game, but eats more bandwidth/processor time, hopefully the ds can still handle an 8 player game.
* Fixed a bug where one of the two screens had an extra layer of garbage over it, I was this on a g6, but I think it also happened with supercards, and possibly others.