Flags & Nations is a Nintendo DS homebrew that offers 9 amusing minigames based upon flags and nations.


In the first game you have to match the proposed flag to the nation, selecting it with the stylus.

In the second game you have to write the letters that compose the nation’s name. An help key is available to see the flag.

In the third game you have to select on the map the capital city of the nation related to the proposed flag. Using the stylus you can scroll the map.

In the fourth game you have to write the name of the nation whose letters are showed in random order. Pressing the help key you can see the flag.

In the fifth game you have to paint the proposed flag selecting the colors on the palette and touching with the stylus the area to paint.

In the sixth game you have to press the rotation key to adjust the flag position, then go to the next flag.

In the seventh game you have to remember a flag’s sequence and then select with the stylus the requested one.

In the eighth game you have to match the proposed nation with its flag, selecting it with the stylus.

The ninth game is a puzzle, you have to compose the flag moving its parts with the stylus. Selecting a cell, it moves on the empty one.

The game can be played at 2 levels: in easy mode only the G20’s flags are proposed, in standard mode all the 197 defined flags are used and the difficulty increases very much!

Besides to minigames Flags & Nations allows to look up the flag’s archive, offering the possibility to check onto the map the position of the flag’s related country.

Enjoy Flags & Nations!

Thanks to http://www.nintendomax.com/index.php?topic_id=10543 for the news.