This adventure game is a conversion of the famous Lone Wolf gamebooks written by Joe Dever in the 80’s. This is a release candidate, which means it’s almost in its final stage, but may still contain bugs.

Your goal is to go through the book by choosing your path and actions interactively. You will have to fight enemies, collect items and gold and make your choices wisely to survive this epic journey!


– Press LEFT or L or R to switch screens and access your character sheet. Click icons at the top of
the screen to change tabs.
– Press UP or DOWN to flip pages (or click on the Previous/Next icons).
– Make your choices by clicking on the brown links to follow the story.
– Greyed or dark links can’t be clicked. Links can be greyed out if you need to perform an action first
or miss some specific requirements.
– Press A or USE your map in your inventory to display the Sommerlund Map. Use the stylus or D-Pad to
scroll the map, and any button to exit.