nczempin started working on converting the original “Football Manager” to the DS. Paul Robson has ported, or reverse-engineered, or remade, the original Football Manager by Kevin Toms.

The current status is:

A pre-alpha version is running. You can see some of the menu screens, and once it comes to match day, you can actually see a match.

It is not really playable (other than advancing from match to match), in fact, I have taken out quite a bit of functionality.

So you should take a look at it only if you are very curious.

I will release the source code as well, of course (it’s GPL), but I haven’t found a permanent home for it yet.

Given that it is likely that I will not keep maintaining this for a long time (it is only a “finger exercise” to get acquainted with DS homebrew), it would be nice if someone would like to take over, provide webspace, etc. Putting it on sourceforge would be a bit of an overkill IMHO.

Here’s the current binary:

Any questions, suggestions etc., would best be put in this thread, or sent to me by pm.