Fractal Junkie, previously known as Mandelbrot Generator, has been updated.


So why the name change? And Im sure I downloaded v2.0 before, so how can v1.0 be a new version?
I wanted to change the name to a more generic name instead of limiting the name to the Mandelbrot set only, so now the new name Fractal Junkie implies several fractals, which it does have serveral fractals. And it’s now v1.0 simply because of the name change.

Whats new in this version then?
-Julia sets
-More colour palletes
-More efficient “only render when need be” system

How to use:
D-PAD: Move 32px
TOUCH: Draw a new view
R/L: +/- Iterations
A: Colour Styles
B: Colour Pallets
X: Toggle precise rendering
Y: Toggle Julia set mode
START: Start over
SELECT: Goto previous image

Current Features
-64bit accuracy
-Mandelbrot set
-Custom Julia sets (this includes Fatou Dust)
-7 Colour Palletes (Cycle without redrawing)
-3 Colour Styles (Cycle without redrawing)
-Successive Refinement Rendering
-Only calculates unknown pixels when moving
-Draw with the stylus a new view from any two points on the screen to zoom to that view.

Planned features:
-Custom Colours
-Take Screenshot
-Save Coordinates