GameUP is a new utility for Nintendo DS that conclude the trilogy of Mik’s Up-Series homebrews (together with OsUp and SkinUP). This new program allows you to take ever your homebrew game archive up to date, giving the possibility to download all the best not-commercial games of the amateur scene. This homebrew works on all the flashcards that support the DLDI due to the direct access to the microSD that GameUP needs (for more info, check out the FAQ section).


* New more clear font
* At the fist startup, GameUP will create a folder (in the root) that will be used to manage all the files Gameup needs (no more bmp and txt files spread into the card)
* Fixed a bug in listing game (repetition of some elements when print out a small list after a bigger one)
* New uploaded games are marked even on the DS through a small green mushroom next to their name into the list so you can see immediatelly what’s new in the game’s archive.

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