Morgan is proud to announce the release of Geografika v1.0.

-300 questions over: locations of cities, countries, monuments, and physical features; capitals; landlocked countries; borders; areas; and maps.
-Adventure mode: travel to 15 cities around the world where each quiz gets more difficult.
-Quiz mode: 3 difficulties of 20 question random quizzes.
-Library: view photos and information on places and countries around the world. Also includes a fully scrollable simplified world map.
-Save system to save your progress.

-Touchscreen- navigate menus, select answer
-A- select menu option
-B- go back to previous menu
-L/R- change text color

Other info:
In adventure mode, the goal is to progress from city to city. In order to get to the next city, score at least a B on the quiz. If you score an A, you will unlock more places and countries in the library. Progress is automatically saved after each quiz.