yagero released an alpha version of Glubies Planet.


We are four students in an engineering school IMAC (Image, Multimedia, Audiovisual Communication). We want to specialize in various fields, management sound design, passing course in programming, and we all have a passion for video games. Under a project supervisor we decided to make a game for Nintendo DS. It’s called Planet Glubies DS.

Glubies Planet is an action game / reflection planned for Nintendo DS. The Glubies little creatures are very nice …. but so stupid! The goal of the game: analyze levels, clear the path and take your Glubies juqu’al’arrivée!

The gameplay takes place in 2 phases:
– The period of reflection allows you to analyze the level, to raise and direct objects and solving riddles and puzzles.
– The phase of action, where you must direct your Glubies pen drawing on their language, making use of objects lying and avoiding the deadly traps.