Grafoon is an ‘Arcade Style Puzzle Shooter’ with a lot of classic elements like: Doors/Keys, Mines ( including chain reactions ), various walls with different behavior, laser barrier, nasty enemies and a lot more…

The main target is to pick up all Hobbels and bring them home to advance to the next map. Don’t touch the walls, they will destroy your ship. Touching enemies or enemy shots drain you ships energy. Collect green gems to increase your ships energy…


– added moving walls
– added hobbel carrier enemy ( this enemy drops a hobbel if killed )
– added timed doors ( opens for 5 seconds if the ‘key-switch’ is touched or shot )
– hobbel speed-up ( pressing the ‘Y’ key increases the hobbel speed )
– support for ‘external’ maps via DLDI interface
– 27 level ( 9 tutorial maps, 8 built in map, 10 maps in an external level set, wich requires DLDI patch )
– larger maps ( support for variable map size )
– scoring item
– custom control configuration
– high score list
– more sounds
– some bug fixes