This is a puzzle game. There are a grid of 3 columns and 3 rows and 9 images with 3 shapes and 3 colors. On the right are the next 3 images (from top to bottom). You place the top one into a blank cell by touching the latter. Then a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line with certain patterns will disappear and you score. The goal is to score as high as possible.

Line rules:
Horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines with the following patterns will disappear and you score.
1. Same shape and same color.
2. Same shape and distinct colors
or same color and distinct shapes.
3. Distinct shapes and distinct colors.

Score rules.
1 line: 1 point
2 lines: 4 points
3 lines: 27 points
4 lines: 256 points

1. Question mark: help.
2. Grid: new game.
3. Right images: the next 3 images, top to bottom.
4. High: high score.
5. Score: current score.
6. Number: number of images placed.