Guitar-ZyX by filteredperception is a LiveDVD/USB operating system distribution, that can immediately boot both your Nintendo DS, and your x86/64 PC, into a guitar pre-amp f/x processing appliance, complete with wireless dual screen touchpad remote control. You can even velcro or embed the NDS in your guitar if so inclined. In addition to switching among 77+ different f/x presets, the NDS remote control’s touchscreen can also linearly control any two of about a hundred independent f/x parameters in real-time. I.e. a very cost effective TouchScreenWhammyPad.

Guitar-ZyX-0.3.1 uses the excellent Rakarrack open source guitar-f/x software to provide effects. Guitar-ZyX-0.3.1 is derived from Fedora 10 and has compatable full access to the upstream software repositories including updates.

Guitar-ZyX is entirely free and open source software, with all source available, for both the PC and NDS components. All necessary compilers and build tools are also included, allowing anyone to modify and enhance in any way their imagination and code-fu skills allow.

Release notes:

Guitar-ZyX is currently an *alpha* release. NO WARRANTY. Use at your own risk. Interested alpha-testers are encouraged to provide feedback on what works, and what still needs to be improved.