Using iFile is very simple, all you have to do is put the according “.nds” file in your flashcard/linker and through it’s menu, load the program, once done, use the up and down arrow to select the file/folder. Use “A” to open and “B” to go to the parent folder.


*Fixed the typo (Folrder xD) (thanks to Josiah for telling me about this)
*Canceling renaming was broken, now fixed (Thanks to Gh0st for telling me this)
*Raised the number of files permited to show to 600 (Hope that’s enough -.-”)
*Added check for deleting folders( if something goes wrong he’ll warn you!)
*Fixed a bug that ocurred when entering the first folder in the card’s root!
*iFile now says happy birthday 😀 (When the right time comes of course XD)
*Source now under GPL License v3
*Can now create folders! 😀 (may be buggy)
*By Pressing “A” when keyboard on screen, it’s the same as pressing enter
*Added check for successfull folder creation
*Now supports multi extension files (ie: is now identified as an image =D)
*Fixed an extension bug (case is now ignored when checking file extensions)