JabberDS, the Jabber client to be used with a Nintendo DS has been updated.

Release news:

So, 0.2 is here. Now JabberDS can be used with GTalk account. As there is no RSA keypair generation in JabberDS, one should provide RSA private key and certificate for TLS to work.. Though you can use provided test pair(though it won’t be very secure 🙂 ). See archive and data/jabberds.xml for reference. Also i’ve added some screenshots on JabberDS page.

-fixed: incorrect authentication when “server” differs from server part of JID
-new: response to “jabber:iq:version”
-new: “feature-not-implemented” response for unsupported “get” iqs
-new: TLS support

Thanks to http://www.dev-fr.org for the news.