Kiswa has released the first alpha version of his platform / adventure game “Jack Turtle”.

Release notes:

Okay, I have uploaded an ALPHA demo of the game. You will want to DLDI patch it for your homebrew device as it uses FAT to auto-create a game save (and I don’t know if it will bug out if unpatched – maybe I should test that).

What it has:
* Splash Screen
* Main Menu (Only New Game and Credits do anything)
* Level Selection (See below)
* One Test Level – (This is NOT how they will look when released, just for testing!)
* Shooting
* Enemies that shoot back
* Hit-point tracking (player and enemies)
* Two Enemies with AI (Sea Urchins and SCOOWBA Fish)
* In-Game Pause Menu (Continue and Save & Quit both work)
* Lid checking (pause menu if in-game lid close)
* Some bugs (e.g. urchins flicker into screen just before appearing)

What it does NOT have:
* Scoring
* Any storytelling at all
* Good damage animations
* Death animations (they just disappear for now)
* More than one level
* More than two enemies
* Completely functional menus
* A bunch of other stuff a platform game should have that I can’t think of right now

Main Menu
Use the up/down d-pad to select items and A to activate
OR use the stylus to select and tap again to activate

Left and right – move (duh)
Down – crouch
A – jump (& double-jump)
A + Down – drop down a platform
B – shoot

I think that covers it. If you let me know of a new bug, I’ll add you to my playtesters list in the credits (if you want).