kiswa came up with some news of his game “Jack Turtle” which is currently in development.

What, nobody likes my updated images? No interest in the fact that I have a functional platform game engine?!

Crazy – crazy I tell you! 😉

Anyway, just wanted to update those of you who might still be keeping track:

I have worked out most of the important interface issues. The main menu is selectable by the D-Pad (up/down to select and A to activate) or Stylus (tap to select, tap selected to activate). Currently, only “New Game” and “Credits” do anything, but the rest is not far off!

If you press Start (or close the DS) in-game you will get a pause screen with menu choices for “Continue” , “Save & Quit” (doesn’t save yet), and “Options” (doesn’t do anything yet). The pause menu works the same as the main menu.

I have implemented collisions with enemies (and HP tracking) and they bounce off each other as well. Shooting is not fully implemented yet, but should be done by the end of the day.

Adding in new enemies is fairly simple to do, it’s just creating the AI, scrolling, and collision methods for them that is a little complicated.

I’ll try to update the game images tonight as the in-game bottom screen has a new font, and the health # is a bar of sprites now (so, 6 sprites side-by-side instead of the “6”).

I’m hoping that I can release a ‘tech demo’ of the game this weekend so I can get your first impressions and start on the bug finding/fixing.