Here is a new release of jEnesisDS.

Major changes in the new version:

– Custom Z80 ASM core implemented.
– Custom YM2612 and PSG emulation, running on the ARM7. So there is sound now 😉
– Many parts rewritten. Speed without Z80 core should be quite a bit faster for most games.
– Idle-loop detection completely rewritten. Shouldn’t break any games anymore. Therefore the option to disable it was taken out.
– Some changes to the HW renderer. Some glitches should be gone, others were probably introduced. Will be rewritten for the next version.
– Tweaked H-Int auto detection, so less games should need the “ON” option to boot now.
– Mode-Button added (L+R+Start)
– Skipped option screen at startup, so you get directly into the game selection.

Other release notes:

There is still a lot to do and i hope you wont have to wait as long for the coming version.
I know very well, that the sound is not perfect, but it’s the best i could do in the time working on it, so please don’t complain..
I am sure that i can improve it and i am positive that all games will run at full speed with sound one day.

If a game runs too slow, disable the Z80 by turning “Fake Z80” on – of course that will most likely turn off the sound as well (Except for games that have their sound driver on the main CPU, like Sonic, Gunstar Heroes and others).

Any feedback is welcome of course (except bad one ;P)

Thanks to Lordus and for the news.