Here a little update to jEnesisDS, Lordus’ Genesis/MegaDrive emulator for the Nintendo DS.


– Changed scheduling of M68000 and Z80.
– Some changes in M68000 internal memory handlers.
– YM2612 FM core mostly rewritten in ASM.
– Some bugs in FM core fixed (Operator 1 was sometimes not considered in certain cases).
– Fixed reset bug for FM core resulting in unstable sound for every game loaded except the 1st one.
– Raised sample rate for FM emulation from 16KHz to 28KHz (28, because a few games can’t do 32KHz)
– Sound is completely mixed in hardware now, meaning every FM channel, PSG and DAC have their own DS sound channels.

For those who do not want to download from the linked Rapidshare-Link in the release thread, here is an alternative download: //files/1511/