Here a little update to jEnesisDS, Lordus’ Genesis/MegaDrive emulator for the Nintendo DS.


– Fixed bug in Z80 core, preventing some games from having sound (Wonderboy, etc.).
– Fixed bug in 68000 optimization, that could make some games hang (Bonanza Brothers, etc.).
– Changed sound handling and doubled sample rate for PCM sound, resulting in slightly better sound quality.
– HW renderer partially rewritten, many glitches should be gone, some are still there (and will probably not be easy to fix ever)
– Sprite rendering completely rewritten in ASM. Should be faster and fix most of the sprite issues.
– Implemented mid frame palette updates (water effects in Sonic games, Castlevania, etc.). Note, that this just works, if a game is constantly fast enough, so slowdowns can still cause colors to flicker.
– Many little optimizations in memory handling and the CPU cores. Should reduce slowdowns.
– Added option for sprite masking (Landstalker etc.). It is not 100% emulated, just faked to be enough for most games using it (disable it, if sprites are missing, that should be there).
– Added option to change between 3- and 6-Button pad (just works, if the option is applied BEFORE loading a game). When 6-Button pad is disabled, L+R can be used to move the visible screen area, X to center it.
– Added sound state to the savestates, so that the correct tracks should play now when a state is loaded. Savestates are still not 100% reliable and loading old states can potentially cause problems.