Jayenkai did a small update on his puzzle platform game JNKPlat. This is not a new version, just a “Level Building Edition”. So, if you want to make levels you can contact Jayenkai via mail (Jayenkai@Gmail.com) or visit the thread on gbadev.org via the link below for his full announcement.

Release notes:

OK folks, here’s a level editor edition! Or, rather.. Here’s a version I’ve been building up, but haven’t yet built any more levels for, yet!

So, make levels, submit them, and just like nyarla (“Magnetic Robot Shavings”) you can have a batch of levels right there in the compiled edition of the game! You’ve got 1 week to do it. I’ll release the next proper edition next week.

Everyone who plays should really at least bother to upload a single level for the Random submitted Levels pack. By Monday! So I can bundle everything, and release it..

Folk who don’t submit levels will make me a very sad panda.