Jayenkai has updated his puzzle platform game JNKPlat.

Release notes:

Extra stuff, menu tweak, editor fixes, yada yada.
And, I think (!) I finally got rid of that random “< – start" that kept popping up on the menu!! Levels 6 packs included, 67 levels total! I've placed Another World's levels in as Another World.. Seemed to fit! Sir Voe's are in as Sir Voe's Simple Set, even though they aren't that simple!! Midway If you get halfway through a level pack (and the middle's at least 5 levels in!) you'll be able to restart from the Midway by hitting B on the menu, instead of A. DLDI vs Non-DLDI Folk who don't have DLDI will be able to play.. Woot! But they won't be able to save. Awww.. Those with DLDI should stick the JNKPLAT/ directory into their root so they can save. Blocks are listed in the Level Editor Readme file that's now included. (I think I remembered to add them all!!) As always, submit bugs, comments, ideas, levels, etc..