With JoyDS you can use your DS as a wireless Joypad for PC. It’s a Client-Server App, where DS is the Client and PC is the Server. The Client gets input from the DS and sends to server in UDP packets. The server receives the input and uses PPJoy to emulate the Joystick. JoyDS emulates a real Joystick, no keyboard or mouse. You don’t have to configure nothing inside PPJoy, the Server does all the hard work for you. It also has some cool features like Button Sequences and Multiple Consoles. You need .NET Framework 3.5 to run the Server.

Release notes:

I’d like to thank everyone that sent me e-mails and posted comments here, for all the help, the feedback and for using JoyDS! Users from all over the world, speaking various languages, the posts in so many forums, I loved this experience. So, it’s time for a new version, right? ;D JoyDS Version 0.2 is a great improvement based on the feedback of every user that made contact with me. The main improvements are: a better error handling, the way the user connects in the client, support for M3 Real, multi-language system and profiles. I made a better and updated readme in this version, if you have time, read it ^^ You can view the Changelog and download the new version below.


— Server
* Removed unused references and images (smaller app)
* Removed PPJoyWrapper, the server has now its own wrapper (based on PPJoyWrapper)
* .NET Framework 3.5 can be necessary now
* Improved error handling
* Added Multi-Language System
* Added Portuguese BR support
* Better Joystick Buttons and Analog Layout
* Reduced flickering when painting the Layout
* Combo Window is now inside Main Window as a Panel
* Improved Multiple Consoles
* Minor bugfix when setting a Combo
* Added a button to cancel editing a Combo
* Better way to insert an Interval
* Some errors now act like a warning
* Added Profile System, now you can save your combos and settings
* Minor bugfix when activating server from tray

— Client
* Removed Sound (No more problems with M3 Real)
* Now user can choose the AP to connect in a list (WEP not supported)
* Option to use WFC Configuration (Supports WEP)
* Instead of freezing, JoyDS shows when the connection could not be made
* Added ability to try to connect again