stravingo has released v0.2 of Ka-BoOm.


* Highscores management. Up to five best times for each mode are saved. On the highscores screens, you can press B to show/hide the dates of the scores.
* DLDI support. DLDI patching is necessary if you want to save the highscores.
* The wick of the bomb burns more quickly. You only have one second to extinguish it ! Puts much more stress on you and your lungs .
* The animation of the green checker on the upper screen now depends on the game : it zooms by a magnitude that depends on the number of squares cleared, it zooms and rotates during an explosion.
* “Arialia mode” (private joke ) : you can press Select to enable/disable the green checker movement.
* Animated menu.
* More sound FX.
* More animated features.