In Knytt Stories, each level is its own little adventure. Knytt Stories is a 2D platform game.

Release notes:

After one year in the making, I’m proud to present the first public (alpha) version of:

Knytt Stories DS! (A port of the game Knytt Stories by Nicklas ‘Nifflas’ Nygren)

…which I have been programming using PAlib and a bit of libnds magic :-).
In the future, it will be open source, but now the code is a bit of a mess, and I’ll make it public once I reach the beta status.

“Official” (Copypasted) announcement follows -:)

Knytt Stories DS – Alpha Version Release 1

Available at:

Knytt Stories is a freeware platform game made by Nicklas ‘Nifflas’ Nygren ( The game includes several short levels (‘stories’), and there are many new stories created by the community that anyone can play.
As a tribute to this great game, we started to develop a (free) DS version of it one year ago – Knytt Stories DS.

…And finally, after one year on the making, the first public version that can be tested on real DSs is available.
Note that this is an alpha version. Most stories will not have all the elements needed by the gameplay (critters, scenarios,…), and other stories will be completely unplayable.