Collect cherries to progress on levels, melons give more points. Shown below is a screenshot of the last and hardest level.


* Changed points graphics & values
* Changed graphics on teleports and convayer belt
* Added/Redesigned some levels
* TitleScreen Changed
* Lower Screen Graphics Added
* Golden Keys can be collected to open black doors with a white lock on it
* Player will now lose considerable amounts of health when in contact with enemies. (Values depend on enemy type).

Demonstrations Added:
Before certain levels a demonstration will run showing you new aspects of the game. Can be disabled in the options.

Trophies Added:
Trophies are shown on the main menu with the highscore
Complete the game with 5000 points or more and earn the bronze trophy
Complete the game with 9000 points or more and earn the silver trophy
Compelte the game with 12000 points or more and earn the gold trophy

Inventory System Added:
Pressing A on certain items or simply walking over them may place them
in your inventory, some items cannot be picked based on what you are already carrying and
order of collecting is important in order to solve a level.

* clicking a tub of water will give you some water
* clicking on a lit campfire with water will put it out, allowing safepass
* clicking on a lit campfire with no water will give you some ember
* clicking on a burnable tree with ember will burn it, allowing passage
* clicking on a big snow rock with ember will melt it into a rock
* clicking on a bomb will give you a bomb
* clicking on a rock with a bomb and it will weaken it
* clicking on a weakened rock with a bomb and it will be destroyed, allowing passage

Specials Added:
Specials grant you abilities. You can hold upto 4. You can drop your current special
if you already have 4 and want to pick a new one up.

Current Specials:
* teleporter, allows the player to lay 2 personal teleports to move between
* sand dig, if stood on sand you will burrow, you cannot be hurt while under and can move under walls (appearence level 18)
* Flippers, allows you to travel in deep water
* spiked boots, allows you to walk on ice without slipping
* trainers, allows you to run against convayer belts
* lighter, A click a burnable tree to burn it (similar to ember but its infinite use) cannot be used to melt snow rocks
* poly tree, use special to turn yourself into a tree that cant move and blocks enemies in their path

Powerforms Added:
* Gold: Turns all points earned into 100. Careful though, 1000 point items will decrease to 100, collect these in advance.
* Red: When you have the powerform red you will kill enemies when coming into contact with them. You will also
take no damage from lava tiles.