Lameboy DS is a Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator for the Nintendo DS.

Release notes:

It’s been a long time since last news from Lameboy project. In fact it was not active for some time, but now is back with lots of new features. Actually with so many changes you can consider it beta as certainly there will be problems with some still. So here you go.


changed: updated devkitARM and associated libraries to r21
fixed: STOP opcode (fixes Konami Collection 2 JP & 4 JP)
fixed: found and reverted patch that caused problem with pumpkin level in Mario Land 2
fixed: another change in interrupt handling to fix Monster Rancher Explorer
fixed: palette change effects
fixed: interrupt enable register, fixes graphic glitches in Pokemon Pinball and Donkey Kong
fixed: DAA opcode flags
added: Super GameBoy borders and coloring support
added: rumble emulation with slot 2 rumble pak
added: menu
added: green color scheme for classic gb
added: configurable x/y key functions
added: save states