libXM7 by sverx is a simple XM player/library based on XM7Play.



… it took me some more time than what was planned but I believe the result is worth a little more waiting… 😉

So here’s it: libXM7 new version, beta 0.93!

Lots of (more or less) serious bugs have been corrected and -main personal achievement- now the library features complete XM effect support, including volume column effects, of course.

Here’s the demo (984 KiB zip file), and here’s the libXM7 HTML page with all the details and, of course, the links to the library (36 KiB zip file) and the example source code (12KiB zip file, works with latest libnds, both release 1.3.1 and release 1.3.2)

Last words: Thanks once more to all those who gave me the big help I needed to achieve all this.

Feedback/comments and ideas are appreciated.