Locked in an eternal subterranean battle, two earthworms fight to the death in an exciting one-on-one everything-goes fight to the death! Armed with an extensive arsenal of weapons ranging from a simple Shotgun to a Big Nuke, these worms give it their all to come out of the battle victorious.

That’s right, you’re a worm. You move through an underground terrain filled with rocks and holes through which you have to dig your way to outsmart and/or escape from your opponent. You have to live (or die) with whatever weapons you’re given at the start of the battle. If you don’t like a weapon you chose, your only hope is to catch one of the bonuses that appear randomly throughout the level. These bonuses are also your only rescue when running low on health, so they’re very important to increase your chances of survival!


– Added dirt/rock texture
– Added map display
– Added ninjarope rope
– Banned some weapons by default (see Known Bugs)
– No more interlaced level drawing!
– You can now save and share your levels!
– Levels are saved in ‘/data/lierods/lierolevels/’, unless you
made a folder called ‘lierolevels’ somewhere else, then they’re
saved there
– Level editor doesn’t crash anymore
– Fire to respawn changed to Jump to respawn
– Options are now saved; can be reset in Options menu
– File is ‘liero.options’ in root of flashcard

– Fixed ninja rope bug; now works long-range too
– Worm can no longer be hit while he is dead
– Fixed Map Change on Hit location bug

Current Features:
– Gameplay almost identical to the original
– All of the original weapons (see Known Bugs)
– Built-in level editor
– Simple AI opponents
– All original game modes (Kill ’em All, Game of Tag, CTF and Simple CTF)
– Map display

To-Do (in semi-particular order):
– Multiplayer support
– Allow custom weapon/object/special object-options, as well as custom graphics
– Add ‘Floating Mine’-like glowing (red glowing pixels)
– Add level textures other than rock and dirt
– Names on bonuses
– Make AI ‘smarter’
– Maybe different AI levels (Easy, Normal, Hard?)
– Sound
– Blood
– Laser view
– Flash effect and camera shake
– Fix ninjarope (enable length adjustment, disable Skywalker worms)
– Stats screen? (Display kills/lives/time/flags per worm)

Known Bugs:
– Greenball is dirt texture instead of green
– Big Nuke uses up all sprites, and quite possibly corrupts your game
– Bullet type weapons and ‘bullet’ splinters have an incorrect color
– Weapons that don’t work correctly:
– Laser and controllable weapon types
– Fan

– Programmer: Schmendrick Schmuck
– Original Game & Graphics: Joosa Riekkinen: http://www.liero.be/
– Special Thanks: PAlib community: http://forum.palib.info/

Thanks to http://www.dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=258686 for the news.