Michoko has finished book II of the Lone Wolf series for the Nintendo DS: “Fire On The Water”.

For those who had missed the first volume, Flight From The Dark, this is an attempt at porting good old paper gamebooks to the DS console.

So what’s new in this second book?

– A totally new and exciting adventure! 🙂
– Improved the game engine for handling more complex events
– Made 4 new musics (1 intro and 3 ingame) for even more variety
– Added mini-games
– Added merchants
– and many other fixes and improvements

I’m now using the new EFSLib by Noda, which should add some improvements in speed and compatibility with SLOT 2 linkers. It should even work now in emulators (except for loading/saving maybe). As this is a Release Candidate, if you encounter a problem or a bug, please tell the author!