Mario Craft by Nobody has a few essences of Minecraft. Read the release notes for more details.

Release notes:

Got bored on DSGM and wanted to do something different. People thought when i made Blockscape (didn’t get anywhere with it) that it was a Minecraft clone, so i got to thinking. I didn’t feel like making a game that took a lot of effort on my part to create fun levels to play on, so this was an obvious choice. It’s not really the type of game i would play, but people love the Minecraft type stuff that helps pass time and that is fun to play around with, so what the heck.

It’s like your basic Minecraft game; you build and sculpt the very world you play in!The game plays a little differently than Minecraft. The first difference is that it is retro mario style. Another, is it’s 2D not 3D (sorry, if i could make a 3D game i would). Last, there aren’t all of those tools, modes, blocks, or huge loading maps. I will try to do my best possibly in the future to add more to the game. The game plays like this. You character is Mario and you get to design mushroom kingdom however you please.

It works in a 2D platformer fashion (sorry, no bit-shifting yet. I need to work on it) with the Minecraft tap features plus occasional button pressing. Press left and right to move and A to jump. When on a cloud hold down to fall three the cloud. Hit X to swap the screens to switch between the menu options and the action screen. Tap the various tools on the top screen to switch from a block creator, to block destroyer, to block mover. To add a block first switch the screen and select the add tool and tap a block under block to choose a block (by default you start out using the create tool with the brown block). To delete, choose the remove tool and hold down on the screen and drag over a block or object to delete it like an actual eraser (you can delete everything but Mario). To move a block tap the move tool and tap a block to move, then drag the stylus to the new position. Last but not least tap the Grid button to toggle on and off the grid lines on the creation screen.

You are limited to the amount of block you can add in the room. This shouldn’t be too bad of a problem anyways due to the fact of 128 instances on a screen at a time will crowd the place up. I have coded the game so you can’t get stuck in between 1 box squares (above head or left and fight trapping). If you fall you’ll be dropped off from the sky (all the fun of falling!). You can jump and run into block for they are solid. Clouds on the other hand are both tangible and intangible. You can run and jump through them and then land on them. Goombas don’t hurt you, they just run around. They also have gravity and movement. They serve no real purpose except for added theme and interaction. They simply just walk around. If they fall, they will fall, and if they hit something (you, a block, or border, does not include crashing into another Goomba) they will turn and go in the other direction. Think of them as your own Goomba pets.

Hopefully i will update this in the future. It wasn’t my actual project, but i did it for the heck of it. Let me know if you guys still like it and i might continue more updates with more features and content. I mean i like it; the freedom to do as you please and you have complete control, it’s just not the best game in the world.

Mario Craft. Relive your Mario experience, your way!


UPDATE: Controls have been slightly updated. Now press L/R to swap screens. Hold X to run. Small layout changes. You can now switch between playing as Mario or Luigi. More blocks. Block library has tripled (minus 1 block) with a new enemy, texture blocks, and a new interactive block. Also enemies can now interact by jumping on them.