Mario Paint Composer DS is an indirect remake of the music composer tool found in the Super Nintendo game “Mario Paint” with a few new adaptations.


-Fixed the D sharp note to play the right sound
-Fixed end of song detection
-Removed the appearance of being able to place notes while a song is playing
-Last song saved/loaded’s file name will be remembered in the save menu so you don’t have to retype it out
-Can now cycle through all note states with the D-pad (meaning you can make the note natural,sharp or flat rather then just sharp and flat)
-More error checking for FAT operations (Checks if mpcsongs folder is on card, if not then will create the folder. Also detects if FAT was initialized properly)
-Better eraser controls (Double Tap note to delete it)
-can now save author name in file
-When loop is turned on, will loop from last note played rather then the end of the last page
-increased max tempo and tweaked the tempo slider a bit
-Added High A, High A Sharp, High B and High C notes
-prevents users from typing restricted symbols in filename (while saving)
-Can view other pages on top screen using L and R to scroll through pages (hold L or R to scroll faster)
-News system! Click the envelope button (make sure wifi is configured)
-Note type selection tweaks
-saving compatibility hopefully fixed
-new graphics
-Running/jumping mario at the top now

Thanks to for the news.