Micro Lua DS by Risike allows you to launch Lua scripts on a Nintendo DS.


– Displaying is about 3X FASTER!
– Some syntax changes (see “syntax changes.txt”)
– Adding a Canvas system. You can now create a Canvas, adding some objects inside like lines, rectangles, images…etc. Then call Canvas.draw function to draw all items. This method is aboute 30x FASTER than displaying of Micro Lua 1.0!!! On no$gba you can display 1600 images without loss of FPS.
– Adding an INI file management system. You can now read and write ini files.
– Adding ScrollMaps. They are maps we can scroll pixel by pixel. It’s faster than normal Maps (faster than 1.0 too) but you can only display them in fullscreen.
– A getTile function for maps
– Some bugs corrections
– Better errors management